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In Barcelona there are popular festivals that are celebrated on particular days of the year. Discover them with us and you will live a unique experience.

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What's more fun if not the Carnival party, where everything (or almost) is allowed?

You can enjoy the local traditions in these Carnival festivities on three different dates:  the arrival of the Carnival King the "DIJOUS GRASS" (02/24), the "FIESTAS DE CARNESTOLTES" (02/26), dance and spend fun times in the company of local people, to see, feel and appreciate how the people of Barcelona live This time.

To say goodbye to the excesses, on Ash Wednesday (02/02) we will celebrate "THE BURIAL OF THE SARDINE". A very fun party, for adults and children, in which you can take a photo with the Great Sardine and enjoy the emotions of the afternoon, in an authentic environment, rich in music and dance.


Come in costume to get even more into the spirit of the activity!



Come and discover the famous Mercè celebration in Barcelona, which this year celebrates one hundred and fifty years. You will see the "Pasacalles", parades of people dancing around a musical band, concerts, dance shows, circus performances,  the expected "castellers", etc. It is a festival that was born as a religious one, dedicated to the Virgen de la Mercè, and which over the years incorporates more and more aspects of a secular nature. A true compendium of the greatest traditions of Catalan culture, ending, as usual, with the exciting pyromusical show in España Square.

Portada 150 años la Mercè. Barcelona_
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Would you like to participate to one of the  most expected popular celebrations of the year? Fill yourself with unique colors and flavors? Get lost in the decorated streets, between open-air concerts and different themed stages, breathing party air and enjoyment for everyone, young and old! You will also discover how, when and why these celebrations were born, their origins, their traditions and their curiosities.


Do you know the festival of San Juan? Do you know what their traditions go back to, since when is it celebrated and why? All this, and much more, you can discover in the unique experience in which we will accompany you, happy to share it with you.
After having visited emblematic corners and places of the Born neighborhood, we will finish our tour on the beach, mingling with the local people, to fully experience this afternoon in an environment that corresponds to it. All this complemented by a small snack, with food and drink, to get more into the atmosphere of the night that is approaching.

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The celebration of Sant Jordi, on April 23, is a very special day for Catalans, who live it with a unique passion.

Walk with us the most significant streets of Barcelona, decorated for festivities, and discover why, as a result of the famous legend of the princess and the dragon, a book or a rose is usually given as a gift. More curiosities will be satisfied when taking the tour!


The celebration of Corpus Christi is a religious and popular festival at the same time and it is a very old tradition that dates back to the 14th century. Would you like to know what "L 'Ou Com Balla" is and what does it represent? Know how the "Pasacalles" were born and see the wonderful flower drawings that appear every year on the streets of the city?

We invite you to participate, on June 3, 2021, to the Special Corpus Tour, where you can take part in this ancient celebration, walking through the Gothic Quarter and discovering this and other ancient traditions.

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