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Our mission focuses on the dissemination of culture, in an entertaining and fun way, combining enjoyment with passion for history, traditions, customs and everything that the human being represents, in its different times. How? Through sustainable and quality tourism, personalized tours for small groups, where each person feels and feels the familiar, close treatment, so that each tour is a unique and beautiful experience to remember. In all these aspects our values ​​are summarized.

personalized tourism


Hiring us may be the best option to know the ins and outs and the history of the place first hand. With us you can customize your tourist visit to your liking. You just have to tell us what you are interested in knowing and we will program you down to the smallest detail. Are you interested in knowing about museums, sports, politics, history? Tell us and we will program you the best activities in the town. Contact us and enjoy the best tourist services.

All about me


Hello! My name is Donatella, an Italian by origin and a citizen of the world. My desire to know different countries and cultures led me to travel from a very young age. When I arrived in Barcelona I fell in love with this wonderful city and the local culture, so I decided to settle here. My studies include language and tourism courses. I have a degree in Law, Economics and Culture and have been an Official Tour Guide of Barcelona and Catalonia since 2019. My passion for history, art and culture led me to choose this job to learn more and to be able to pass on to people my knowledge and enthusiasm for the local culture of which today is my home, Barcelona! I encourage you to come and discover with me the most beautiful and rich in history corners of this wonderful city.


My love of travel was born at a young age and I have never stopped traveling since then! I love to travel the world, see amazing places and learn as much as possible about them which is why I have been a Professional Tour Guide since 2000.

My mission is to share my passion for tourism and travel with others. As a professional tour guide, I can enhance your travels. I believe in the importance of experiencing the places you visit and seeing much more than the usual tourist sites. If you agree with me, contact me.

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